Why is doing very specific exercise so different?

We have people tell us that they go to the gym and workout or they take yoga but yet, still have pain. What happens is that because postural dysfunctions are caused by very specific muscle imbalances, you end up doing a general exercise program and you will end up strengthening muscles that are already too strong and you can make your condition worse. The same goes for stretching a muscle that does not need to be stretched… it can make the condition worse.

What the Lose the Back Pain System teaches is the concept of the "unbalanced workout" to get your body back into balance. In order to get your body back into balance you only need to strengthen the weak muscles and stretch the tight muscles for the postural dysfunctions that you find yourself to have. Since we know that each postural dysfunction has a specific set of muscle imbalances you will know exactly what you will need to do to correct them...

There is no guessing or speculation and best of all you will understand why and the why will help you build faith in what you are doing and that faith will keep you going. That is how you accelerate your recovery.

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